The relation to the Norwegian dramatic landscape is challenge , but also opens up for new access to architecture where buildings become a result of landscape in the interaction between ground and siluete of distant forms.

Its possible, creating forms absorbing these elements and make a language with relation in buildings.

Some of our work


Owners with ambitions and clear program and need .

The lady in charge is an excellent designer and the building is a result of clear direction in ambisious architecture.


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The site is located in a beautifull fjord landscape and design is result of clear amterial use with gliffs washed by sea and behind threes with harmony. Peacefull landscape setting where the summer house becomes part of landscape.



The shapes allows the roof to be part of the concept where the green quit gound connects with the rood and architecture is created within these elements .

The form is strong and simple and the clear design makes it harmonic and understandable as a complete house and home with beauty.



Situated as a supplement in a garden with fantastic landscape. Its an extension to a home from 1800, but becomes an own building

telling the story of its part related to our modern times.

Vinter front.JPG


Inspired by a family strongly related to minimalistic thoughts and international lifestyle. The building lies in farm landscape whre horses and animals come as contrast.

We relate our design to the owners who invite to sosial network whre outdoor rooms ar as important as indoor. Huge hights, open space and glass connects and invites .

01- Lekmo.jpg


Only way to solve this is to  play as form realted to the hill. The house is clearly part of nature but has diecided to stand out in materials

Small site  developed to its max, and therefore has vertical connection outside inviting people to take part in use.

Screenshot 2018-10-13 21.08.34.png


Terrasse housing with clear invitation to many outdoor sosial areas and program with huge different in flat size. Big terrasse gives freedom within each home and at the same time opens up and invites to an open living style where people can mingle in open outdoor space and connect with more private terrasse space.

It’s a way of living where intergration and different generations can mingle and live togehther .


Windy , mountains, great nature , seasons with challenge . The form makes snow pass and keeps the outdoor spaces easy to maintain.

Material use connect with nature.

It’s a mountain chalet and it has indoor spaces connecting two homes and becomes a generation holiday house where two families can bee in relation to each other in perfect setting.


Site in a challanging land along thee wst coast in Norway. We needed to fill a program with a lot of vchallange, and had to compte with other architects.

We did not win, but it  gives a mirror of norwegain developments and represent our economical periode where people can afford to

create and perfom as a home and a representative builidng in a industry with sucsess : fish frams and salmon , strong activity and a

winner in our modern society.


Result of longtem need for homes, bigger,better and with relation to each other.

The site and landscape invites to make a strong village.

We are in the prosess of design and will during 2018 make a final concept.


It challenging in Bergens highest located site, diffecult to build . Main concept is to except its part of town and cannot becoem an icon  because its part of housing established form the 30ies

We need to tell the story of technical challenge and let it show in a strait desig.


Located in central Bergen where there is a long history in wodden acrcitecture. We choosed to relate to it in harmony and let it intergrate with the established. It has won architectual prize for this , and we see leaving is well performed in this comlex consisting of 12 flats oever two levelse. Each flat has its own form and identity shown through stairs connecting from street to second floor through open outdoor stairs which devide eah flat.

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